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Young Vampires in Love -
a novel by Mardi Ballou
Now available as ebook and print!

Here’s an excerpt. Enjoy!

The setup: Darlene and Jon just met at Happy Humping, a sex shop in San Francisco. Darlene, who’s new to the scene, goes home with Jon, a dom who promises to teach her what she wants to know -- and also doesn’t know she’s a vampire. They start off by watching an instructional video called "Alice in Bondageland, or No Pain, No Gain." Then Jon invites Darlene to reenact what they just saw.
* * * *

"Take off your clothes.," Jon commanded. He picked up a flogger and Darlene shivered. Did he mean a striptease or just the kind of disrobing she did every morning before she changed into her pajamas and climbed into her coffin?

"I’m waiting." He impatiently flicked the flogger. It made a sharp whistling sound as it sliced the air.

Darlene undressed with lightning speed. She hadn’t been stark naked in front of anyone in a very long time. She’d never been an especially exhibitionistic type, and her normal first instinct would be to cover up her breasts and pussy. But, despite the softness and imperfections of her body now, she dared herself to stand straight and proud before Jon’s scrutiny.

"You’re very pale. Like you never get any sunshine."

"An allergy," she improvised.

"Whatever. I like your whiteness. Hell, some people use powder or other makeup, and they don’t manage to look nearly as good as you do. Natural."

Darlene stifled her chuckle at that, looked at him and saw his pants bulge out more than before. Evidently her lack of color and everything else about her body were having the desired effect.

"Stand perfectly still," he barked, coming closer. He put the flogger down carefully on an end table and ran his hands over her body, raising goose bumps wherever he touched her with his callused fingers.

"Good," he said at last. "Now I’m going to sit down in the chair across from the bed. Lie across my lap."
Jon positioned himself in the ebony wood chair, his legs spread out in a Vee from his crotch, his erection tenting up his pants in the most beguiling way. Darlene, whose pussy now ached for attention, lay down over his lap. His cock hit her tantalizingly at her navel, which was fun but not nearly enough to meet her growing needs. She wriggled to slide farther down, so her clit would land strategically and she could treat herself to some targeted thrusting.

But Jon didn’t appear about to indulge her, yet. He put his arms around her and, grunting, powerfully pulled her back to her first position.

Darlene really wanted to rub her clit against that gorgeous bulge now. She repeated her previous slide, and he once again put her back where she’d been. Before she had a chance to move or say a word, she felt a stinging on her butt. Once, twice, three times. Her blood supply began to move to her cheeks, which felt fiery red. Wherever Jon’s blows -- which now came faster  -- landed, Darlene experienced a stinging like a swarm of wasps attacking. Pain, but something else. Something much more subtle and exciting. Darlene bit back a moan of pleasure and arousal, as her clit began to throb so strongly she was sure he must feel it though the leg of his leather pants.

Jon’s cock was now jammed more intensely against her belly, and Darlene grew more excited to feel how his level of arousal was rising. She couldn’t help herself now. She opened her legs so her clit was fully pressed to his leg, and she began rubbing herself against him as like a squirrel with an itch against a tree trunk. The pressure sent shooting stars up and down her spine, and Darlene’s fangs began to extend. She didn’t know where to focus first -- her pussy or her fangs.

"Lie still," he commanded, planting his firm hand between the mounds of her ass. "I’ll let you know when you’re ready for what you want."

If only he knew everything she wanted…

He spanked her seven more times, each smack coming stronger and faster than the one before. "Your ass is beginning to glow like a red light," he growled. "But here red light doesn’t mean stop."

Was she supposed to talk now? Her fangs were fully descended, and there was no way she could get them to retract. Not until she had the satisfaction she was dying for—above and below. Now her need to feed outstripped her sexual arousal. And, if memory served correctly, she could feed a lot faster than she’d be able to come. Especially because she was only going to drink a small amount from Jon. She wanted him at full power for when he finally gave her what she wanted.

He spanked her again. "Why didn’t you answer me when I asked you a question?"

In response, Darlene hoisted herself up and turned full face to Jon.

"What -- ?" She had opened her mouth in full vampire smile, now finally revealing her true nature to Jon.

Jon’s eyes popped open and he dropped the flogger. "What the hell!"

"I’m hungry now." Darlene greedily eyed his jugular.

He exhaled. "Good trick, but not part of this scene." He started to reach around her.

"It is now," Darlene countered, right before she took her first sense-rattling swallow.


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