Cover What’s a Ghoul To Do?
a Fangly, My Dear novella by Mardi Ballou

Here’s an excerpt. Enjoy!

“Can I get you a drink?”

A gallon of ice water might be a good start.

“We really need to finish the questionnaire,” she murmured. “And it’s getting late. I have to get home.”

He got right in her face. “What’s your first question?”

It’s about the questionnaire. She swallowed hard. “What is your most important value?”

Instead of answering, he kissed her. His lips, full and well-formed, brushed across hers with unexpected tenderness. The element of surprise caught her off-guard and intrigued her. Though she should have known better, she pressed her lips back to his, which evidently was all the invitation he needed to begin a deep plunder of her mouth.

His powerful arms drew her to him as their mouths tangled. Was that his heartbeat or hers? In his embrace, she lost track of boundaries. He felt so strong, so sheltering, as she burrowed in his embrace. Her legs pressed against his, which he’d splayed in an effort to diminish the difference in their heights. She stood on her toes to reach up to him, but he still had to tilt his face down.

He ground his erection against the sensitive area of her lower belly and groin. She wanted to have him in her hot, wet pussy. She’d creamed so much already, the silk of her panties bunched up into her folds like a tease. She needed to feel him there, to wrap her legs around him and have him plunge his dick deep into her. Shivering with excitement and anticipation, she surrendered to the moment and the man.

Lips still latched to hers, he began to massage her back. The erotic friction of his hands on her, kneading her muscles and rubbing her, brought her to the edge of an orgasm. A hair trigger away from becoming a screaming meltdown, she imagined herself on a speeding train, out of control on lightning tracks.

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered when they broke apart. Though her head told her he’d said the same words to many women and would say them to many more, they lodged in her heart and took root. He found her beautiful. He wanted her. Right now, it didn’t matter what had come before or what would come afterward. For this moment, she was beautiful to him. She would cherish his words always.

For a moment, she tried to find a way to tell him to stop what was inevitable between them. Before she took him into herself, her rational voice chided, she still could hold something back. Once they became intimate, she would be lost.

She didn’t care if she stayed lost forever. At this moment, she was ready to toss everything aside but the burning need for them to be together. He wanted her—completely, passionately, all the ways she’d always dreamed of being wanted. She could read his heart and soul with a startling clarity, each desire lit up with the light of absolute understanding. And she matched him in ardor. More than anything in the universe, she longed to expend her passion, her desire, on this man.

“I want to make love with you.” His whispered words penetrated her soul.


Hand in hand, the two of them ran to his bedroom. His king-size bed beckoned. In moments, he’d tossed back the blue and beige quilt to reveal pale blue cotton sheets. He tore off his clothes, then drank her in with his eyes as she gave up on a sexy strip and got naked.

Usually, she felt shy about being naked with anyone, but tonight was different. With Rafe she had the strangest desire to display herself with pride, to offer herself. The way he devoured her body with his gaze, Lilith could have sworn he was responding to her whacko emotions. Under Rafe’s intense scrutiny, she unfurled herself, opening like a blossom at last encountering sunlight. His gaze warmed her. Though she didn’t make it a practice to jump into strange beds, her leap into Rafe’s bed felt exactly right. Kind of like Goldilocks. Oof. She wished her mind wouldn’t play such weird tricks on her.

“I want to savor your beauty with all my senses.” Rafe towered over her in his naked glory. Impossibly, the man appeared even more gorgeous in the actual flesh than she’d imagined. His body was the ideal. Not even Michelangelo could have sculpted such magnificence. Lilith couldn’t decide what she wanted to do more—look or touch. Not to mention taste and smell. Like a starving woman invited to a rich one-time only banquet, she went into glutton mode and prepared to feast.

“I must touch you, now,” he growled, climbing in alongside her.

Touching his skin set off electrical impulses within her. Before now, she’d never realized how much pleasure could come from simple skin-to-skin contact. Was it the wolf in Rafe that made him feel so different to her fingertips? Realizing this magnificent creature, this total man, contained within him a different nature took her breath away, exciting and terrifying her. She was completely out of her depth. But more than breath itself, she craved the erotic intimacy their being together promised.

“Lilith Graves, you are a very special, beautiful woman,” he murmured, tracing the contours of her body with his fingertips.

She closed her eyes and focused her whole being on the moment. His masculine scent -- pine and forest and something she couldn’t name but found appealing -- made her head spin. She wanted to remember that scent always, to imprint it within her so she could conjure it up, so she could summon up the sense memory of being with him every day for the rest of her life.

His breath seared her as he nuzzled the space between her breasts. She always felt self-conscious because she was bigger than most of the models in fashion magazines. Though people always said men liked big breasts, she hadn’t found that to be true -- until now. Rafe suckled one nipple with gusto while he fondled the other and appeared not only to accept but to appreciate her as she was. She moaned with pleasure in response to the way his hand and mouth moved, the things he did to her with each movement and breath. Most of all, she loved the way he savored her and awoke her to the wonders of her body. She’d never before realized how sensitive her breasts were, or how direct the connection was between her areolas and her clit.

“Mmm,” she murmured. Her fingers wove into Rafe’s thick black hair. With his ear near her heart, Rafe had to be able to hear what he was doing to her, how her heartbeat sped with arousal. His skin heated her everywhere they touched, as if he wanted to share his inner fire with her.

Never one to remain passive, Lilith reached for Rafe’s flat, taut belly. Her hand immediately encountered his huge pulsing erection and they both moaned at the erotic contact. Rafe Graywolf was exceedingly well formed. His cock felt like velvet skin over a marble core. He responded to her slightest movement. With the thrusts of his hips and his deep growly moans, Rafe let her know how much she pleasured him.

“You are one delicious lady,” he whispered. Using his talented tongue and teeth, he began to nibble the sensitive flesh of her breasts. She shivered. Moving with infinite slowness and deliberation, he began to work his way down her aroused body with his teeth and lips.


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