Cover Third Time’s the Charm
a novella by Mardi Ballou
from Changeling Press

Here are two excerpts. Enjoy!

Though his soldier’s wisdom cautioned him to maintain distance, his beautiful Brianna was irresistible. The Count wanted, needed, burned to touch her everywhere. With his lips, his teeth, his tongue, his fingers, and his cock, he intended to claim her as his. When she sucked him into her deepest core so, he’d forget everyone and everything but her.

Dangerous spy, indeed. Could he hold anything back from her onslaught on his senses? As her hot pussy drew him tighter and more intimately into her, he murmured the words of his very personal surrender. Only this woman, only his magnificent, dangerous Brianna. His climax started to rumble from somewhere deep within him and began to build ’til he’d surely explode. All for her. He could hold nothing back.

Mikhail Ivanov startled awake with his hand on his cock and a groan on his lips just as his semen began to spurt from his achingly hard shaft. Now, separated from his fantasy of being with her, he felt the room’s cold, his aching solitude. Depleted, bereft of her company, all he wanted in the world was to return to the warm dream of her welcoming arms, her body molding to him, drawing him deeper into her world -- and her.

But just as at the soirée earlier, his lovely one teased him with her presence, then continued to elude him. For now, he consigned himself to the charms of sleep, which would bring her back to him. In the morning, he’d begin a search in earnest for the woman -- and never let her go.

A knock on his door. Could it be? “Who is it?” he called.

“Olga Semyonovna. I heard a noise from your room, and I’m concerned.”
Drat. He couldn’t let her in. “Apologies for disturbing you. Everything here is fine. Good night.”

Olga Semyonovna giggled. “Misha, let me come in. I’m wearing nothing beneath my robe.”

He stiffened at her use of his intimate name. He really had to get rid of her, so he allowed himself a rare but justifiable breach of etiquette. “Forgive me, Olga Semyonovna for the disturbance. I promise we’ll be more quiet for the rest of the night.”

A sniff of outrage came from the other side of the door. Without another word, the lady evidently left.

* * *  And the second excerpt:  * * *              

It had been so long for her, Brianna knew she wouldn’t be able to resist coming much longer, despite the Count’s skillful withdrawals. Soon he changed from playing his teasing game to focus on bringing her to her peak. Faster, faster, faster, his fingers drove in and out of her core, playing her the way she wanted to be played, what she ached for. She needed his cock in there, needed to be completely joined to him. But for now, for this first breathless time, to take the edge off. . . his fingers were transporting her to the screaming heights of orgasm heaven.

“Give me your passion,” he murmured to her. “You are so beautiful.”

Her sheath tightened and grasped his fingers as she boldly arched her hips, guiding him to all the spots she longed to have him touch. She rotated her pussy in the seductive dance they both longed for. She wanted this to last forever. She’d die if it didn’t end soon.

With his breath hot on her, his hands and lips, his tongue and teeth bringing her body alive, Brianna began to come. The contractions of her climax rocked her, rocked both of them, and she began to scream words that made no sense in any language. He held her like she was precious, the princess of his universe, petting her and whispering sweet encouragement . . .


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