Cover Heliotropic 3: To the Light
a novella by Mardi Ballou
from Changeling Press

Here’s an excerpt. Enjoy!

The first step of the ritual was for the four men in each grouping to greet each other with a hug. After asking his name and where he came from, information Val knew they already had, the three Apollans introduced themselves to Val. Each man was gorgeous and sexy in a unique way.

A man with dark purple skin and short purple hair went first. “I’m Chaud Rayze.” Chaud would take the aft position unless Val directed him to do otherwise. Judging from the size of the erection tenting out his loincloth, Val figured he was in for quite a ride and indicated Chaud should stay right where he was.

Brule Flame, whose bright orange hair lived up to his name, took top position, while blond Lumin Bianco sat facing Val’s crotch. Despite his mix of emotions, Val’s carnal nature sprang forth and demanded precedence. Everything in the room -- sexy music and the sensual scents of testosterone and musk -- was designed to seduce. Val knew Paul was nearby, simultaneously being serviced by three hunks as attractive as those now focused on pleasing him.

Chaud began to nuzzle Val from behind. To provide a sample of the goodies, Chaud wedged his huge erect cock into the crease of Val’s ass.

Val figured good manners required him to participate fully. All right. Chaud’s cock felt amazing and, despite all his emotional stuff, Val felt very turned on. After all, he’d entered paradise. When in Rome… Who knew what the future held? If the Apollans became angrier and more upset about Retkove, they could very well revoke their welcome. Val moaned his appreciation.

Chaud thrust his hips forward to provide Val with even more of a foretaste. “Any special requests for your ass fucking?”

A question he’d never heard before. Then Val remembered Paul’s Apollan self-lubing function, which he’d lost in the transformation. “Unlike you Apollans, I’m not a self-luber.”

“Not to worry. I’ve got you covered.” Chaud began to massage some lube into Val’s rear opening with a very talented finger. Actually, the lubing felt good enough to bring him off. Val, who’d been half-erect or better since he got off the damn rocket, felt his cock ratchet up to full, close to bursting.

With the back engaged, the two frontal greeters went into gear. Lumin Bianco licked his lips at the sight of Val’s burgeoning hard-on. “With your permission?” Val readily agreed to the Apollan’s talented stroking of his dick and balls. At the same time, he watched Brule stroke his own impressive package.

Val knew Apollans did actually devote time and energy to activities other than sex. But judging from this ritual, Val wondered how they managed to drag themselves away. He began to question how Paul could ever have been satisfied with just him as his lover.

But then he had to turn his attention to other matters. “Would you like me to suck your cock?” Lumin invited.

Val remembered Paul’s special sun glands, which Val had happily experienced the first time Paul sucked him off. Paul had also lost these glands upon becoming a vampire. Val, already excited, accepted. And then he took Brule’s huge, well-shaped cock in his own mouth.

In time to the erotic beat of the music, Val moved with the men greeting him. The erotic sensations pulsed through the four of them, melding them into a single unit. These guys knew what they were doing. Val, grateful Paul was experiencing similar pleasure at the same time, gave himself up to the sensations. For a brief moment, Val wondered if Paul also experienced regret at his losses -- the unique abilities and organs his fellow Apollans took for granted. But lost in the hedonism of being sole focus of three magnificent lovers, Val surrendered to the moment.

True to his word, Chaud had generously slathered Val’s crease and hole with a gel that warmed and soothed, smoothing the way for the large man’s entrance. With small, subtle hip thrusts, Chaud wedged his way into Val. He teased Val, giving him little bits and making him want more. By the time Chaud thrust himself fully into him, Val groaned with delicious relief. He contracted his muscles and moved to let Chaud know he wanted him exactly where he was.

At the same time, Lumin turned his talented fingers and mouth loose on Val’s grateful cock. With his fingers he stroked Val’s balls, coaxing them, teasing them, and massaged the sensitive skin of his inner thighs. Though Val hadn’t remembered how the sun glands felt, Lumin reminded him. The glands made it feel as if Lumin had a dozen tongues and a hundred teeth all devoted to pleasuring him. As a vampire, Val was especially attuned to the exquisite feel of fangs brushing across sensitive skin. The sun glands felt like sharper, finer teeth skimming his engorged glans, tracing the ridges of his shaft.

Determined to give as good as he got, Val opened his lips to Brule’s long, thick cock. The erotic combination of the two men pleasuring his cock and ass while he licked and sucked another gorgeous man off had Val hanging on by his fingertips. He couldn’t just savor the sensuousness of his position because he also had to focus on providing for Brule. Though feeling at a distinct disadvantage without sun glands and the kinds of expertise these men had, Val  considered it a personal challenge to satisfy Brule. He figured enthusiasm, vampiric teeth and a well-muscled tongue could make up for any lack in exotic technique.

Though this sex had none of the emotional content of lovemaking with Paul, Val experienced the overwhelming pleasure almost as an erotic interlude. And he never forgot that he and Paul would complete their climaxes with a mutual feed. Knowing he and Paul would be in each other’s arms for the ultimate vampiric orgasm kept Val’s hesitation from hampering him.

He felt completely enthralled -- as if, just for now, he was the center of a very special universe. If anything happened now to prevent them from coming, Val would have lost it.

In tandem, the four moved like a well-regulated unit. The sexual tension rose like a cloud that enveloped them as the level of arousal drew them tighter. They began to move faster, harder -- so well coordinated that when Chaud withdrew, Lumin thrust forward. Val, trying to fall in with the rhythm, let Brule take the lead. Even the sounds Brule and Chaud made, their murmuring, moans and sighs, harmonized.

 Despite the freedom they all enjoyed, Val knew the greeters remained in control of every tiny movement and sound. Hell, he was the wild card in this bunch, the one whose experience and anatomy didn’t quite conform. He’d expected them to need time to figure him out, given his totally alien nature. But nothing fazed them. If he’d sprouted an extra head or dick or begun bleating, his gut told him they’d take it all in stride and make delicious lemonade from any surprise lemons.


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