Cover Soap Bloke
a Quickie by Mardi Ballou
from Ellora’s Cave

Here’s an excerpt. Enjoy!

Dense, chilling fog shrouded the moor and deepened the shadows of night. Gwen peered into the darkness, struggling to adjust her vision. She tightened her cloak against the chill, but nothing could warm her. Where was her car?

What happened to the lights, fully operational mere minutes before? She shivered more violently, her nerves brittle with cold. What was that sound? Stop. No way she’d allow her errant senses to go down that path. So it was a dark night on the moor. The crowded pub was a few steps away, her car likewise. It had to be. Chin poised at a determined angle, she chose a direction and strode with faux confidence.

A growl pierced the night. “Now I have you where I want you.” Arms gripped her torso and she gasped. Long-taloned fingers flicked between her breasts, followed by hot lips and razor-sharp teeth at the nape of her neck.

Swallowing her panic, Gwen dredged up strength from unknown depths and shoved back against the creature. Or tried. Despite exerting all her strength and shivering from the resulting cold beads of sweat, she couldn’t manage to budge him an inch. She gathered the remaining bits of her energy and groaned with the effort. He turned her around and lowered his mouth. The excruciating points of vampire fangs pressed the tender surface of her neck. “You’re so wrong,” she hissed.

He laughed, momentarily easing his grip. “Wrong? Never.”

She ran her hand down his cheek, rough with need-to-shave stubble. “This time you are. I’m the one. I have you where I want you.” She slowly rubbed herself against him, her legs opening to straddle his hips, and jumped.

The creature absorbed the full impact of her move without a flinch. His erection pressed hot and hard against her leg, and she creamed to have him fill her.

“Cut,” a voice boomed.


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