Cover Reluctant Goddess
a novel by Mardi Ballou
from New Concepts Publishing

Here’s an excerpt -- enjoy!

They were alone together, to do with and for each other whatever they wanted. Not with a cast of thousands watching, as would happen in a few short nights. Just the two of them, maybe for the only time ever. Better than any dream, than anything she’d ever read or written. For now, she would close her mind to the phantom watchers.

After all the sensual pleasure of the previous hours, she’d never expected to be so turned on so quickly. But Adriac beat everything and everyone else in that department—even a palace of chocolate.

With his lips on one breast and his long, artistic fingers fondling the other, K.C. felt a stab of longing. She wanted to be more beautiful for him, as perfect as he was. But from the look in his eyes, the tenderness and longing in his every touch, she could bring herself to believe she was perfect, everything he had ever wanted.

“You are so beautiful,” he moaned. “My Goddess, my K.C., I must feast my eyes on you.”

K.C., who usually preferred to avoid nudity, now flung aside her delicate garment. Adriac looked at her and, his eyes big with wonder, gasped. From the expression on his face, she knew only pleasure and delight motivated his response, and she wanted to weep.

But she wasn’t about to let him be the only one who looked. “And you, Adriac. Let me see you.”

He inclined his head slightly and stood up. K.C. hated that they were separated for even a moment. But when he threw aside the cloth that had covered his amazing cock, the pay-off was well worth it. Large, firm, and full—all for her. K.C.’s pussy clenched and creamed at the sight of him. A penis worthy of a goddess indeed. She wriggled her hips to move closer to him.

“Oh, Adriac,” she sighed. Didn’t it mean she was shallow to fall in love with a guy because he was gorgeous? But it wasn’t just his looks. His coming out here, tonight, braving she knew not what dangers to be with her, tipped the balance. “Turn around. Let me look at all of you.”

As expected, buns of steel. Hard, tight, smooth all over. She wanted to love him in every way possible, to get to know every part of his body in the short time they would have together. She wouldn’t let her sadness at that thought impinge on even a moment.

He held his arms out, and she beckoned him to her.

With a growl, he leapt onto the bed and clasped her to him. She fastened her arms around his broad shoulders and held on for all she was worth. Now she felt his pulsing erection nudge her mound, and no clothes separated them. Nothing kept them apart. She wanted him inside her for the ride of her life.

“I will kiss you everywhere,” he announced in a husky whisper, and all K.C.’s nerve endings arose and whimpered.

His lips traced a hot path down from her forehead to her waiting lips. In moments, she opened her mouth to his, meeting his tongue, thrust for hungry thrust. She wanted to pause, taste him, identify the elements of his scent and flavor—spice, sweetness, a hint of forest. She could have been lost in the kiss forever, but he broke the contact so his mouth could meander down, down to her very core.

Next his lips touched her everywhere, and electric sparks sizzled, heating the air around them with purple fire. He nibbled her breasts, tongued the sensitive spot between them. His sex impossibly grew even harder, and hers nearly melted as she prepared to welcome him into her. 

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