Cover Noel, No Way
a Christmas Cookies short story by Mardi Ballou
from Changeling Press

Here’s an excerpt. Enjoy!

Vincenzo kissed her slowly, making a thorough exploration of her mouth with his tongue, his lips and his teeth. Carlie savored his hot breath on her and in her as warmth suffused her. To think, outside snow and ice paralyzed the world with cold, but the heat level inside rose like lava in a wakening volcano.

Carlie longed only for him to possess her completely, to ravage her with his tight sultry strength. She wanted to touch him there, to feel his pulsing prick with her hand before he plunged deep into her. As he feasted on her breasts, licking her nipples until they ached, she fingered his erection and elicited a growl. “Not yet,” he muttered, scooting back out of reach.

But two could play at that game. “Girls just want to have fun,” she sang, now circling the sensitive head of his aroused prick with her fingers.

“You are an irresistible minx,” he protested. “I see it’s time to get serious.” Her pussy clenched at the prospect until she saw he’d reached beneath some furniture and brought out a red and green silk scarf. “What’s that?” Stupid question, but her mind had ceaed functioning somewhere between the second and third courses of the dinner neither of them had eaten much of.

“Christmas wrapping, my lovely. Give me your hands.”

“No.” She thrust her hands up, she thought out of harm’s way, but that position evidently was exactly what Vincenzo had in mind.

“Perfect.” He seized hold of her wrists and bound them in their raised position with the silk.

“That’s too tight,” she complained, though it wasn’t.

“Give it a few minutes. If you still want me to loosen the scarf, I will.” With his mouth on her breasts and her belly, she quickly forgot about anything but her desire. Mardi Ballou

Then he began to feast on her eager pussy, sucking her hot, wet folds and fucking her with his tongue. Carlie screamed and whimpered as her climax drew her into a vortex of sensation. Closer, tighter, harder she writhed and tossed, wanting him everywhere. He lapped her up like a cat with a bowl of cream.


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