Cover Heliotropic 2: In the Dark
a novella by Mardi Ballou
from Changeling Press

Here’s an excerpt. Enjoy!

Fortunately, Paul was still asleep. Val gathered his wits and steeled his face so Paul wouldn’t suspect anything was wrong. When Paul stirred, almost awake, Val tenderly stroked his face, once again appreciating the other man’s breathtaking beauty.

Paul’s lids fluttered. “Been up long?” he asked drowsily.

“Not long, but definitely hard,” Val quipped, moving so his erection nudged Paul’s high, tight cheek.

“Mmm,” Paul murmured. “I’d say that feels pretty long and hard.” He took hold of Val’s hand, splayed his fingers over his own erection and nudged it into Val’s palm. “Now look what you’ve done. I guess your condition is contagious.”

“Show off,” Val whispered. He nibbled on the nape of Paul’s neck and appreciatively fondled his lover’s hard cock. Then, thinking about the stake and the fact that they had to make tracks tonight, he pulled back and lightly smacked Paul’s butt. “We’ve got to get going.”

Paul turned. “No time for a quickie?”

Val groaned. Much as he’d love to spend the whole night making love with Paul, even taking the time for a quickie might be pushing things. But, as his mentor had often said, even in life or death matters, there was no sense in going off half-cocked. “We’ll make time for it.”

Paul, who still retained some of his Apollan agility, rolled over in the tight space of their shared daytime coffin, drew Val into his embrace and kissed him with rising passion. In his transformation to the vampiric state, Paul had lost many of the features special to natives of his home planet, Apoll’ex. One of the hardest losses to accept -- for both of them -- was the Apollan mouth glands that made Val feel he’d been bathed with sunshine each time they kissed. But even without this, Paul’s kiss still thrilled Val -- though he knew any sense of sunshine was now more emotional than physical.

Even after all they’d been through together, Val still found being with Paul as teeth-rattling, edge-of-his-seat fascinating as in those first moments of mutual discovery. Though Paul, who’d longed to return to his sun-worshipping planet, Apoll’ex, had initially refused vampiric transformation, his imminent death had forced Val to perform the necessary process. Now, despite the initial resistance, Paul had taken to being a vampire.


“For all of you,” Paul growled.

“Feed or fuck first?” Val asked. With his fangs and his penis throbbing, he knew there was no wrong answer.

Paul grinned at him. “Both,” he mouthed, before lowering his lips to Val’s jugular and licking him. Though vampires got most of their nutrition from the bottled products derived from human blood, many, like Val and Paul, enjoyed recreational feeding.

Music to Val’s ears. He rolled from his side to his back and opened his legs to accommodate Paul, who moved between them as he continued to tongue Val’s neck. Val shivered with anticipation at the touch of Paul’s tongue combined with the feel of his erection rubbing against Val’s. “Oh, yeah, just like that,” Val encouraged. He locked Paul in his leg embrace, then bent his knee and raised his leg to give Paul greater access for the ensuing cock play.

Paul, evidently in a playful mood, moved his hips so his erection massaged Val’s side to side and up and down. Since Paul had been so ill when they first got together, Val had initially been the more aggressive partner. Now he was happy to see things become more equal, as Paul took the lead the way he did this night.

Val felt a surge of excitement when Paul’s fangs broke skin, and he began to feed. The pulse of blood going through him while he and Paul pleasurably rubbed each other’s erections nearly made him come -- far too fast even for a quickie. Val gritted his teeth to hold on. He wanted to feed, too, before they both climaxed.

“Oh, yeah,” he moaned, his hands on Paul’s head, holding his lover pressed to him.

Before he’d met Paul, Val had dismissed tales of the Apollans’ legendary sexual prowess as hype. They weren’t.

With his foot, Val stroked the crease of Paul’s butt, which caused him to break the feed, look up, and howl with pleasure. Now Paul moved his hips to maximize the pressure both on his crease and on his cock. Val was, of course, more than happy to accommodate.

“You done feeding?” he asked. Val wanted to get his fangs into his lover.

Paul licked his lips. “Almost.” He resumed sucking on Val, expertly coordinating his feed with the frottage that had both men’s cocks hard enough to smash concrete.

Now that he was in Paul’s arms, Val felt his sense of urgency to run dissipate. What could be wrong in a world where such pleasure was possible? Why couldn’t the two of them just spend the night locked in erotic sensuality?

As if he sensed Val’s question, Paul licked his lover’s wound to heal it and looked up. “I’m not letting myself forget this is a quickie.” For a moment, he looked so sad, Val wanted to assure him everything would be all right. “Your turn.”

The men, after much practice, had managed to perfect rolling over without breaking their intimate contact. Once on top of Paul, Val lowered himself to feed with a sigh. Though the sunlight was long gone from Paul’s blood, Val, with the lips and tongue of a lover, still tasted the memory of its rays with every mouthful.

Rubbing his own flat, hard abdomen against Paul’s, Val savored the delicious friction between them at every point. Though Paul’s fully erect sex was longer and thicker than his own, they were well matched. The ridges and folds of each meshed perfectly, creating a breath-taking level of intimate pleasure. Even their balls were superbly compatible -- large, taut, firm.

Paul’s scent, the musk of his sexiness still tinged with elusive hints of sunshine, surrounded Val. With his hands on Val’s ass, Paul urged him on, encouraging him to move faster, harder, mingling their flesh ever more intimately.


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