Cover Heliotropic I: From the Light
a novella by Mardi Ballou
from Changeling Press

Here’s an excerpt. Enjoy!

For the first time since he’d crashed onto this damnable excuse for a planet, Paul felt the stirring of an emotion other than dread. Though he knew Earth was not Apoll’ex, and he couldn’t take for granted the good will of any other being he encountered -- even in sex -- all his instincts told him being with Val was not a mistake. Contrasting how revolted he felt at Retkove’s touch and how turned on he was by Val’s, Paul allowed himself to relax in the other man’s embrace.

“Your hair’s so black.” With eager fingers, Paul explored the sensitive area around Val’s huge, throbbing shaft. He licked his lips, suddenly hungry to taste Val’s hot organ. Could he possibly be as delicious as he looked?

“I want to suck your cock,” Paul murmured. He was gratified to see Val’s erection jump up even faster than Val could voice his response.

Val cut off his answering moan by planting a huge kiss on Paul’s lips. Val seemed to know his desires instinctively. Lots of tongue action, sucking, nibbling. Hmm, Paul could have played like that all day, except he knew he’d come, and he wanted his cock in Val when that happened. Between his weakness and their being on Retkove’s time, Paul knew they had to make the most of their shared moments.

During their kiss, Val stroked Paul’s penis with his magical fingers. He wanted more of Val’s touch here, his stroking and squeezing, another time -- there had to be another time. Now it was becoming urgent to get his cock in Val. Evidently, the other man felt the same as he now turned so the two of them lay in the classic sixty-nine position.

Val stroked Paul’s hip, leaving a trail of fire everywhere he touched. Then he encircled the sensitive glans with his lips before engulfing the shaft. A moment later, Paul opened his mouth to reciprocate, gratefully taking in the other man’s hot, thick penis.

To his delight, Paul’s poor, weakened body rallied in response to the intimate contact with Val’s shaft and his mouth and he felt energized. With this double pleasure upon him, Paul’s senses ran wild. His blood, sluggish from his sunlight deprivation, now flowed throughout him with renewed vigor. Every part of him sprang to new life, and his heart hammered a rapid beat to support the magnificent arousal.

Paul couldn’t have said which overwhelmed him more -- sucking Val’s cock or having Val suck his. Val’s huge shaft filled his mouth. Paul took a moment to savor the taste of the other man -- a salty taste he associated with the Earth and which, coming from Val, now pleased him. The musk of Val’s excitement became stronger as his cock grew bigger and harder inside Paul’s mouth.

Lick, suck, or nibble first? Such choices. While he decided, Paul let his fingers become acquainted with the heft of Val’s balls and the sensitive spots at the top crease of his thighs. Val was beautifully responsive -- with sounds and with the movements of his body.

When Val nibbled Paul’s engorged organ, Paul thought he’d leap to the sky in his effort to contain the ecstasy. Paul would definitely nibble first, then suck and lick. Or lick and suck. He just knew he wanted to give Val the same amazing pleasure he experienced at the touch of the other man’s tongue, teeth, and lips.

Though Val had been with many men before, Paul awakened him to such a new and varied range of sensual gratification that he felt he’d fallen into a universe light years from his own. Val had heard about the legendary love rites of the Apollans, but, cynical bastard that he was, he’d always figured those to be pure fantasy. Now he was discovering that, if anything, the legends had been understated. Paul, even in his reduced state, was showing him a whole new world of eroticism. Val would never again be willing to settle for less than the perfection he experienced in this man’s embrace.

Paul’s cock tasted like sunshine, as if he were lighting up Val’s mouth. Val had no idea how anyone’s penis could taste like sunshine, but that was the only word he knew to describe the flavor. Paul smelled like sunshine, moved like sunshine. When Val licked Paul’s shaft and balls, he felt like he’d stuck his tongue into a ray of sun that warmed him to the base of his frozen heart. As if he were trying to grab hold of those rays, Val feared Paul would remain just out of reach, eternally elusive. But Val couldn’t give up.

When he grazed his fangs over Paul’s pulsing cock, Paul stiffened and, momentarily, correspondingly got his own teeth in on the action and bit down harder on Val’s cock. Once he got over the shock of Paul’s teeth, Val found he enjoyed the feeling. For some reason he couldn’t put into words, Val knew Paul wouldn’t bite too hard. For one thing, Apollans were far too talented and skilled as lovers to inadvertently hurt their partners. For another, Val sensed Paul was not the kind to use sex as a means of destruction -- unlike their predatory host, Retkove.

How had he let thoughts of Retkove worm his way into this magical encounter? Val had allowed his mind to slip to this intrusion. Now he would use his mental powers to banish the fiend. Except Val knew both he and Paul were Retkove’s prisoners. No amount of felicitous fellatio could alter that reality. At best, all he and Paul could accomplish was to steal a few minutes of respite from the pervasive misery of their situation.

Firmly pushing away thoughts of Retkove’s from the midst of their lovemaking, Val refocused totally on the sensations of sex with the heavenly Apollan.

To Val’s immense gratitude, Paul soon found a fantastic rhythm for sucking and nibbling on his cock, with the occasional delicious lick of his balls. Much as Val wished they could both keep this up forever, he knew he’d be climaxing soon. From the way Paul was moving, the way he sped up the thrust of his hips, and the sounds coming from his lips, Val suspected the other man was close to climax, too. Of course, Val didn’t know how an Apollan climaxed, and the prospect of finding out got him even hotter. 


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