Cover Pantasia 2: For Pete’s Sake -
a novel by Mardi Ballou

The sequel to Pantasia 1: Hook, Wine & Tinker

Here's an excerpt. Enjoy!

The set-up:  Lusting for revenge after he lost his girlfriend to his boss, Pete plots a way to sabotage their wedding.  To see the fruits of his plot up close, Pete heads to the tropical island where the wedding will be held -- and falls for Lily, the person in charge of making sure all goes well for the bride and groom.  After Pete spends a day helping to prepare for the wedding by plucking the feathers from many chickens, he takes a shower in Lily’s house.  Giving in to temptation, Lily joins him there.

    * * * *

Lily licked her lips. She was ready, and she felt like she’d been waiting forever. She wanted him -- hard and deep. "I’m here," she said, her voice low and husky.

Pete growled, and pulled her to him. Pete ran his hands down her sides, and despite the warmth of the water, Lily shivered. She imagined that they were standing under a warm waterfall out on a mountaintop, the only two people in the world. Pete kissed her, a deep probing joining of their souls, surrounded by the scent of lavender soap and the quiet hiss of the water streaming around them. Lily met his tongue with her own, wanting more than anything to know every inch of this man, who he was, what he dreamed of. He broke the kiss and backed away from her, leaning against the tiled wall. He gazed at her, his eyes large and deep blue with longing. With all the steam and the mist, Lily felt like she was in a dream with him -- and yet touching the most intense reality of her life when she stroked him with her trembling fingertips. She moved ever closer to him, pinning him against the wall.

"Oh, Lily," Pete moaned. "If only I'd known you before..."

What was he talking about? Why did he still sound so sad? Why was he bringing any thought of unhappiness into the closeness they were sharing?

"Promise me you won't ever regret anything that happens between us tonight," he whispered.

Normally far too cautious to make any such promises without major discussion and analysis, Lily would have said anything at this moment if it would bring her what she craved -- the satisfaction of the desire she’d burned with since she first locked eyes with Pete. "I promise," she said, not thinking beyond the moment. She stroked his face, then ran her lips from his mouth down, down, pausing to kiss his tiny brown nipples on her path to his throbbing cock.

Pete tasted delicious to her, like chocolate and flowers and lavender Lily quivered. She wasn’t going to let her mind go there. She was going to really taste him, to get to know the flavor of every inch of Pete. Lily knelt before him, cupping his balls in her hands, savoring their heft and texture as the water showered around her. She nestled her face into the joining of his legs, then took his enormous cock into her eager mouth.

Pete gasped, moaned her name, and ran his fingers through her hair.

Lily almost laughed with the pleasure of having him in her mouth. Pete smelled like soap and water, like light and joy -- the chicken feathers and sweat a distant memory. Running her tongue over every ridge of his cock, Lily thrilled to the pleasure she was giving this man. For tonight, she wanted to taste him, touch him, feel him, smell him in every way possible. Hell, she was so hungry for him, maybe she'd invent some new ways for them to be together.

Pete's cock grew and throbbed, filling her mouth with his excitement. Lily would have been content to go on sucking and licking him for hours, but Pete took her by the head and pulled away. She looked up at him, wondering why he’d stopped her.

"I want to pleasure you too, before I come," he said, drawing her up. "Keep on like that, and I’ll come in about three seconds..."

She shook her head. "Pete, don’t you think I was enjoying that?" she asked.

"Come here, my darling Lily," he said, pulling her close in his arms. He had to bend his knees to get to the right height for his cock to connect with her pussy. Lily leaned her arms against the wall and spread her legs in welcome for Pete. The moment his cock came into contact with her aching slit, she thought she'd explode through the ceiling of the shower like a rocket-propelled missile. He felt like silky velvet over steel as he thrust into her hot, wet sheath. Lily let go of the wall and hung on to Pete’s shoulders for dear life.

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