Cover Byte Marks
a novella by Mardi Ballou

Here’s an unedited excerpt. Enjoy!

Dominique had never before ached to have a man between her legs as she now ached for the feel of Antoine’s hard cock deep within her. Goddess knew he’d been hard since their first moments together -- she’d snuck glances at his crotch, and then she’d felt his tempting bulge pressed against her in each embrace. He seemed huge, restrained within his still-fastened pants so that she feared he might explode before she ever got him inside her. But, judging from his movements and his sounds, her wait was about to end. If not, she’d have to take matters into her own hands.

His eyes wide with invitation, Antoine pressed her hand exactly where she wanted it -- over his bulge. To show her acceptance, she squeezed him there and then unzipped his pants. When Antoine’s erection sprang free, they both sighed. His cock rose thick and long, so appealing she wanted to get on her knees and take him into her mouth. When he realized what she planned, Antoine shook his head. “Tempting as the prospect is, I want this first time to last. If you take me into your mouth, it won’t.”

She loved knowing how much she turned him on, what power she had over Antoine. What clothes they still had on interfered with this power. She needed to be naked with him now. Eyes fixed on his, she stripped and threw her clothes aside. He growled as he swallowed her up with his eyes. Lips locked with hers, he backed her to the king-size bed covered with black silk and laid her down.

Her heartbeat careened out of control as desire swept through her. Antoine groaned rubbing his erection along her belly, down to the warm wetness of her pussy. With her body on fire, she met his longing with her own, relying on instinct to lead her. Antoine pulled away from her for a moment, and Dominique thrust her hands out to draw him back.

“I want you,” he whispered.

“I’m yours,” she whispered back.

He started to say something else, then appeared to change his mind. Instead, he laid his head on her breasts. She burned for him to possess her. He traced a line down her belly to her sensuous core, and Dominique sucked in her breath hard. Already wet and hot for him, she’d die if he didn’t possess her completely.

But now Antoine began to act as if he had all the time in the world. Maybe he did -- but she didn’t.

“Touch me.” Though she despised her neediness, Dominique whimpered the words of desire.

“With delight, my lady. I am yours to direct.”

Right. The last thing this man would ever do was obey. But he flashed a smile. She’d never understand this man who seemed to know all her secret desires. With his mouth and hands, he dared her to dance to his erotic beat.

She squirmed with intense need, which seemed to feed his huge ego. But she could worry about that later, much later, when she’d achieved the satisfaction only he could bring her. Quivering, she placed his questing hand where she most needed it. “Here,” she ordered, except her request came out as a gasp. If he refused her, she’d wither into a little pile of ash.

“As you wish, my beauty,” he crooned before he expertly flicked her clit with his large thumb. Still trying to hold on to a shred of dignity and control, Dominique bit her lip. She wanted to cloak herself with an icy mantle. Like an empress entwined with a commoner, she’d command him to fill her wishes. But at this point she couldn’t even dredge up the right words. Though she longed to come in his arms, she didn’t want this man to realize the extent of his power over her -- a losing battle, she suspected.

The sensuous pressure of his fingers tracing the contours of her pussy, playing with her folds and her clit, distracted her from further thoughts. The sharp, thrilling sensation of his touch, the overwhelming promise of his presence filled her. At this moment, she would give herself totally to the physical wonder of being with him. Later, she’d have too much time -- the rest of her life -- to analyze what had happened. She would be with him only once.

Antoine slipped a finger into her, teasing her with a foretaste of the satisfaction she craved. She moved her hips to maximize the sweet pressure of his touch inside her.

“The things you do to me, Dominique.” He took her hand and splayed her fingers around his aroused length.

The feel of his erection, rock hard and throbbing against her hand, tantalized her beyond endurance. Why was he making her wait? She wanted to take him completely inside her, needed him so much. Her pussy clenched and tightened, holding his finger hostage.

Now that she’d felt the dimensions of his erection, his finger could never be enough, no matter how great his skill as he played with her. Dominique had to have his cock in her right then. “Come into me.”

He rose and for a moment stared at her with such intensity, she swore he’d swallowed up her soul. Then with a growl, he lowered himself to her again.

She wanted to seize every moment so she would always remember the sensation of his skin heating her, his hard muscles pressed against her own firmness and softness, his mysterious scent, the pungency of being with him like this. Just the two of them alone together in their own world.

Her hand trembling, she squeezed his aroused length, making him even harder. The veins and cords of his cock stood out along the marble of his shaft, and all she could think was how she wanted to take him into her in every possible way. She longed to taste, smell, lick and nibble this beautiful man’s body. Much as she yearned to tongue him and cover his cock with love bites, her pussy would not be denied. Still lying on their sides and facing each other, Antoine opened Dominique’s legs and positioned his sex at the apex of her need.

One hand on his cock and the other on her ass, Antoine filled her feminine opening with the thick head of his engorged penis and gently probed. Dominique gasped as the movement unleashed sensations she’d gone too long -- maybe forever -- without. In reaction to her shudder and her soft growl, he clasped her to him and thrust his huge, hard dick deep inside her.


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