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RŽunions Dangereuses
Photo Finish - Teach Him Tonight Book #1
Emergency Ex - Teach Him Tonight Book #2

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   Here are highlights from just a few reviews of Mardi’s books. (And scroll down below these for blurbs of each of them.)
RŽunions Dangereuses: ... hot sex wrapped up in an action-packed paranormal tale.”
Teach Him #2: Emergency Ex: ... a sexy novella, perfect for a quiet night or afternoon.”
Teach Him #1: Photo Finish: A short but sizzling story... ItÕs amazing what you can do with a bit of imagination and a pair of handcuffs...”
Desert Destiny delivers an enticing story of love, desire, betrayal and discovery.”
Fangs ’n’ Foxes: The passion and emotional bond... between the main characters is amazing.”
Fangly 3: Playing with Matches: The passion sizzles, the dialogue is crisp, and the plot wonderfully done...”
Fangly 2: What’s a Ghoul To Do?: ...great cast of characters...  fast-paced... humorous romp into the paranormal world.”
Fangly 1: Byte Marks: ...a wonderful book for anyone into the Vampire paranormal genre.”
Perfect Pear was indeed a treat. This story is cute and quirky.”
Whatever Maura Wants: Fantasies realized, self-discovery, and a steamy love story.”
Long Slow Ride: Older woman, younger man... wild, hot, steamy, and emotional.”
Noel, No Way:...inventive vampire spin on A Christmas Carol... amazing depth.”
Reluctant Goddess: ...unique, imaginative, and humorous plot... delightful characters.”
Triple Booked: ...a great erotic read that just flew off the pages.”
Possession: ...a very heartbreaking tale... a true love story in every way.”
Anniversary Waltz will make you smile and make you fall in a love again and again.”
Helio 3: To the Light continues the unique series... Once again, this reader was impressed with the emotions...”
Helio 2: In the Dark: ...a perfect sequel to From the Light... grabbed my interest with the dark intensity...”
Helio 1: From the Light: Val and Paul are so immediately right for each other that their love and attraction just shines from the pages...”
Petits S’Mores: another winner from Mardi Ballou!”
Third Time’s the Charm: ...loaded with sexual tension that isn’t relieved until so close to the end that you’ll be screaming in frustration.”
Love for Hire / Down and Dirty: of the best anthologies I have ever read.”
Young Vampires in France: ...full of conflict and past tragedy. The author paints a wonderful picture of France and the love scenes are very, very hot!”
Young Vampires in Love is an utterly delightful vampire paranormal erotic... very original...”
Pantasia 3: Forever on the Isle of Never: ...full of sass, class and sizzle... a great novel which is impossible to resist ...wickedly good read!”
Pantasia 2: For Petes Sake: with perfect finesse... great characters... get out all the toys... a highly entertaining book with a great sense of humor and a few twists thrown in to make it more than a typical erotic romance.”
Pantasia 1: Hook, Wine & Tinker [is] an exciting and erotic tale that is sure to entertain the reader until the very end.” 
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cover RŽunions Dangereuses - a sexy vampire short story.

According to anonymous newspaper writer Gossip Guru, vampires are crappy lovers and the legends of their sexual prowess are worthless hype. After publishing her opinions, GG doesnÕt have many fans in the San Francisco vampire community. Vamps Jake Ardlow and Dean Morley uncover GGÕs true identity and set out to correct her misconceptions.
    Successful businesswoman Pam Holland writes the GG column for fun, never dreaming that anyone is taking her seriously. Then Jake and Dean, classmates she crushed on at the high school they all hated, convince her to be their date for the twentieth reunion. Pam, who doesnÕt know how much the guys have changed since high school, feels like sheÕs died and gone to heaven.
    At first, reunion night is even better than PamÕs fantasies. Then reality strikes, and sheÕs in for some surprises. So are Jake and DeanÉ

cover Emergency Ex - a sensuous contemporary romance novella.
—the second book in Mardi’s Teach Him Tonight series, in which a determined woman provides an essential lesson in love to a deserving guy.

“Love is the emotional chocolate of the universe.” Actually, successful chocolatier Brenda Lockheart deals with the sweet brown confection lots better than she does with love. For years she’s been in love with Keith Tarrant, her best friend with benefits. As her thirtieth birthday approaches, hot lovemaking and intense friendship no longer satisfy her. She demands more. It’s time to make a commitment or say good-bye. Keith goes along at first, and she’s hopeful. But as her birthday gets closer, her relationship with Keith hits snags.
    Keith loves Brenda and can’t bear to lose her, but he’s got lots of unresolved baggage and a history of being less than she deserves. Though he’ll try to get over his issues in time to make her birthday special, when a new roadblock arises, he’s out of his depth. Can Keith man up and commit to Brenda in time? Or will their relationship crumble and turn her into one more of his many exes?

cover Photo Finish - a sensuous contemporary short story romance.
—the first book in Mardi’s Teach Him Tonight series, in which a determined woman provides an essential lesson in love to a deserving guy.

Ambitious attorney Cassandra Harrell is primed to battle her hot, hunky opposing counsel Alex DeLuca—a.k.a. Alexander the Great—in the courtroom. Though she fantasizes about getting him into her bedroom, she’s determined to avoid this bad boy distraction and focus on her career.
    Alex spots the author photo on the back cover of a steamy romance and recognizes Cassandra. Who knew the desirable but icy lawyer had such a fascinating sensuous side? When he teases her about the book at a deposition, she furiously denies any connection.
    Her sister wrote the book and, for a prank, used Cassandra’s photo. Outraged at Alex for embarrassing her in front of clients, Cassandra plots a revenge lesson. This teacher comes out on top until her student raises the stakes—and the heat.

cover DŽjˆ Brew - a novella from Ellora’s Cave - paranormal sensuous romance.

Though Lisa’s workaholism is undermining her relationship with Jack Ryan, she can’t let up. Not now when she’s this close to clinching the deal to sell DŽjˆ Brew, a risky potion that transports customers to key moments of their past, through Jack’s family company, Ryan Enterprises.
    Jack’s skeptical but willing to try -- even going so far as to sample the potion. He has a great visit to the past, reliving the first time he and Lisa made love. He comes back happy and ready to commit. However, Lisa’s trip ends up traumatic -- and Jack immediately rethinks the deal.
    But Lisa isn’t giving up and persuades him to try the brew again. Together, they return to a romantic time in their past, which quickly goes south -- the night they agreed to let a friend film them making love, the night their relationship problems began. They got through the pain once, but it’s not at all clear they can do so again. Business or love. Their Deja Brew journey just became the ultimate in deals.

cover Dark Venues - a Quickie from Ellora’s Cave - contemporary erotic romance.

Actress Valerie Vincent is less than thrilled when her newest onscreen guy turns out to be A-list actor Hugh Faraday—until they meet, and her body demands what her mind rejects. She wants him now—what will undoubtedly be the worst of all her bad moves.
     Paying off his brother’s debt, Hugh grits his teeth and agrees to appear opposite trashy starlet Val one time only. Then, despite his rational self, he becomes intrigued. What lies beneath her plastic, perfect beauty?
     Wrong as they are for each other, Val and Hugh’s chemistry sizzles both onscreen and off.

                     Read an excerpt of Dark Venues

cover Desert Destiny - a short novel from Ellora’s Cave - erotic time-travel romance.

Her find of a buried scroll will boost Marisol Murray’s career and impress her arrogant project head Grant Drury. Then the earth moves—and she’s face-to-face with two eunuchs and a prince. April Fool’s? Not.
     Suddenly, feminist Marisol is headed to a harem in sixteenth-century Indurlia! She’s slated to become the king’s latest concubine, only Marisol meets his hot son Prince Grentoori first. Instantly attracted, they break with tradition and make forbidden love. But when a traitorous general discovers the prince’s sexy transgression, the battle is on. Grentoori can’t leave Marisol, so the prince escapes with her in a carriage that becomes caught in an earthquake. . .
     Marisol comes to in a transformed Grant Drury’s arms. Could it be? Is he the insolent boss she left behind or her sixteenth-century lover?

cover Soap Bloke - a Quickie from Ellora’s Cave - contemporary erotic older woman/younger man romance.

Hit TV show lovers Gwen and Dirk are a real-life couple. After a production shake-up, a hot young starlet is hired to replace Gwen onscreen. Threatened much? Gwen is terrified that Dirk, who’s ten years younger, will leave her in real life too—but she won’t give up without a fight.
     Dirk adores Gwen, but her paranoia is killing him…killing them. He’s at the end of his rope when he finds one more piece of rope—in the front seat of his car. Hmm…the possibilities.

                     Read an excerpt of Soap Bloke

cover Sherry Amor - a short novel from Ellora’s Cave - contemporary erotic romance.

Francisco Reyes can deal with dying. He can’t deal with leaving Elena Sandoval, his forever love, or ruining their last Christmas together with the truth of his illness. Instead, he hires Rafe McMaster to film a wine commercial for their Sherry Amor and, unbeknownst to either Elena or Rafe, to become her new lover.
     To the beat of flamenco music, Elena and Rafe fall into each other’s arms—while Francisco films them. Aghast at what they’ve done, Elena and Rafe can’t believe Francisco not only accepts their lovemaking but also joins them.
     Francisco aches seeing his beloved Elena with Rafe, but he believes his plan to provide Elena with a new lover once he is gone is working—until Rafe and Elena take charge and show him neither one is ready to let him go so easily. After all, Christmas is a season of miracles.
                     Read an excerpt of Sherry Amor     

cover Tamsin’s Choice - a Quickie from Ellora’s Cave - erotic futuristic romance.

Duty forces Empress Designate Karloutria from Planet Nowemapo to find an Earthling mate in forty-eight hours. Prepared to sacrifice her chance for love to save her father and her planet from a monster, Karloutria never expected to fall for Luca.
     Luca d’Alessandro needs a second chance. All he has to do to rule Nowemapo as the empress’s consort is beat out the hefty competition and make it through the ritual sex trials. Piece of cake, as long as he keeps his head on straight and his soul buttoned-up. But then he never expected to feel what Karloutria arouses in him. 
                     Read an excerpt of Tamsin’s Choice     

Cover Fangly, My Dear - all three Fangly, My Dear novellas from Samhain Publishing in a single print paperback - erotic paranormal romance.

See immediately below about the three stories, each of which is available as a separate ebook: Byte Marks, What’s a Ghoul To Do?, and Playing with Matches.

Cover Playing with Matches - the 3rd Fangly, My Dear novella from Samhain Publishing - erotic paranormal romance.

After an investigation goes horribly wrong, former journalist and brand-new vampire Gabe Morrow wants to get a life. A social life, that is. Fresh from the vampire halfway house, he’s ecstatic—and a little wary—when Fangly, My Dear fixes him up with San Francisco cop Tanith Kalinski. Although his last investigation had him tracking corrupt cops, one night with this detective blows him away.
     Vampires have always both repelled and fascinated Tanith. She figures one date—one long, passionate night of hot sex—will finally get the creatures out of her system. Then she meets Gabe. Their instantaneous attraction is so intense that instead of curing her of her obsession, their one night together makes it stronger than ever. What’s worse, Gabe wants more than she’s willing to offer. With his murderer still on the loose, keeping Gabe at arm’s length risks more than her heart—it could mean her life.
                                           Read an excerpt of Playing with Matches        Reviews                    

Cover What’s a Ghoul To Do? - the 2nd Fangly, My Dear novella from Samhain Publishing - erotic paranormal romance.

Lilith P. Graves needs to get a life. A social life. This shouldn’t be a problem, since she’s partnered with her best friend in the “Fangly, My Dear” dating service. Problem is, she keeps falling for the wrong guys, and they don’t get more wrong than the super-hot alpha Rafe Graywolf. With the history of bad blood between her kind and his, the message is clear: Vegetarian demi-ghouls need not apply.
     Obeying the call of duty, Rafe took the role of alpha at a rough time for the pack. For the sake of stability, the elders insist he find a mate. Now. A dating service isn’t normally his cut of steak, but he has little time -- or choice. But Lilith . . . now there’s a choice morsel he could sink his teeth into. Too bad they’re on opposite ends of the ghoul-werewolf social spectrum. Not to mention the food chain...
                                           Read an excerpt of What’s a Ghoul To Do?       Reviews         

Cover Byte Marks - the 1st Fangly, My Dear novella from Samhain Publishing - erotic vampire romance.

Hereditary witch Dominique LaPierre refuses to use her powers, especially when it comes to business. Until now. Her new company, a computer dating service that hooks up the San Fransisco human and para communities, thrives on crossing that boundary. Business is great despite opposition from the arrogant and conceited Antoine Thierry, a leader in the vampire community. And, to Dominique’s irritation, she find she’s got the hots for him.
     Antoine doesn’t like or trust witches. Nor does he like the growing power of technology. And real vampires, in his view, don’t need it to have a social life. Besides, if he can’t control the game, he doesn’t want to play -- except with Dominique. The heat between them could melt down any hard drive. She pushes his buttons on every level, from the board room to the bedroom. But he’s holding out, especially when she looks to him to support her new business.
     Antoine wants it all. His way -- and his woman.
                                           Read an excerpt of Byte Marks       Reviews                       

Cover Cover Perfect Pear - a Succulents novella from Ellora’s Cave - erotic contemporary romance Also available in print in the Ripe and Ready anthology with three other great stories.

Who knew pears could be sexy? Not Adam MacKnight, on assignment to undermine the whacko upstart business that threatens his boss’s market share. Now that his career is about to take off, he won’t let anything get in his way.
     But then he catches sight of Penelope Perdrix, the focus of his secret fantasies for years. She’s the one who makes pear the sexiest four-letter word. She’s also his best friend’s kid sister. Worst of all, she owns the whacko upstart business he planned to terminate. Now all he has to do is advance his career, keep his best friend and deal with his hots for Penelope.
     Unbeknownst to Adam, the luscious Penelope has had a crush on him since forever. While she plots to seduce him away from the dark side, Adam’s determined to hold out. Irresistible as he finds her luscious lips, arms and pear tarts, it’s all about principles and work ethic, right?
                                           Read an excerpt of Perfect Pear                                        

cover cover Whatever Maura Wants - a Peridot novella from Ellora’s Cave - erotic paranormal romance. Also available in print in the Passionate Peridot anthology with four other great stories.

Maura wasn’t expecting anything special for her birthday. So when she spots the enormous green stone lying on her coffee table, she’s quite puzzled. But that stone is nothing compared to the present that shows up at her door. Antonio is a tall, smoldering hunk who seems to know her every wish and need -- and how to fulfill them.
     Antonio arrives at Maura’s doorstep on a mission -- to recover a prized peridot. He’s determined to do anything to retrieve the stone, because his job is hell -- literally. As a high-level demon, Antonio does not want to piss off his boss. And anyway, seducing a mortal woman is easy. She’ll never know what hit her.
     Antonio might be the one with magic powers, but Maura has him under her spell the second he walks through her door. With each minute they spend together, a quick getaway seems less and less possible... 
                     Read an excerpt of Whatever Maura Wants

cover cover Long, Slow Ride - an Oh, Yum! Quickie from Ellora’s Cave - erotic, older woman/younger man, contemporary romance. Also available in print in the Better with Age anthology with five other great stories.

The wedding reception is boring and depressing for Lori Nelson until she gets asked to dance by the chauffeur -- the twenty-something, very hot chauffeur. Lori figures Jeff’s just being polite -- until he takes her in his arms and shifts her libido into overdrive.
     The moment Jeff meets gorgeous, classy Lori, he falls hard. But much as Lori seems to dig him, she’s hung up on their eleven-year age difference and her own personal baggage.
     While Lori is convincing herself that she can handle a one-night stand, Jeff is revving up his limo, prepared to take Lori for the ride of her life. 
                     Read an excerpt of Long, Slow Ride       Reviews

Cover Noel, No Way - a Christmas Cookies short story from Changeling Press - erotic vampire romance.

Bah, humbug. For vampire Carlie, Christmas is a time to bury herself in archives and do research while everyone else parties. She wants to distance herself from the celebrations so she can forget the time Vincenzo made her his Christmas bride. Three nasty spirits, determined to get her attention and change her mind, drag Carlie, kicking and screaming, into the past, the present and the future.
     Vincenzo got it right when he picked Carlie as his bride. Not knowing the full power of their bond and all it entails, he messed up. Now time is running out for him, unless Carlie opts to save him. Can the spirits open her heart in time for another Christmas miracle -- or is it too late?
                                          Read an excerpt of Noel, No Way        Reviews

Cover Reluctant Goddess - a novel from New Concepts Publishing - futuristic & time travel erotic romance.

In vain, K.C. tried to convince the Goddess’ consort, Adriac, and the Chief Priestess of the temple that she wasn’t the Goddess they were expecting. She didn’t know how she’d gotten to Niarofilca, but she was sure she wasn't their Goddess. She was also sure she didn’t like the Chief Priestess.
     Adriac Mendushar, Lord Pom’diflior, was another matter. In all her fantasies, she hadn’t managed to dream up a hero even half as appealing and she was pretty sure she was really going to enjoy the holy copulation part of the deal. She just wasn’t crazy about the sacrificing part to the God Xiatace that came directly after the copulation ceremony.
                                           Read an excerpt of Reluctant Goddess        Reviews

Cover cover Triple Booked - a novel from Ellora’s Cave - menage (M/M and M/F/M)  paranormal erotic romance. Also available in print.

Jade and Gabe are a perfect match. As lovers and coauthors, they have everything they need and want -- almost. All they crave is great success for their writing. When they meet Alex at a party, he has a proposal for them. He wants to collaborate with them on a new literary work. Jade is sure it’s a sign -- after all, she did just draw the Three of Pentacles in a Tarot reading. But Gabe isn’t sure he wants to share his writing -- or his lady -- with the mysterious Alex, who tests his comfort zones on more than one level.
     Little does the happy couple know that Alex is a Mage of the Dionysian Oracle, and he needs to be invited into their partnership to complete his initiation rites. As Gabe and Jade begin to open up to him, though, he soon finds he’s not the only one capable of love magic. Alex quickly realizes he’ll need to choose -- the way of his order or the way of his heart.
                                           Read an excerpt of Triple Booked        Reviews

Possession Cover  Possession - a novella from Samhain Publishing - graphic forced sex, paranormal, gothic, horror romance.

Together forever. . . there is no power greater than their love.
     A dark, uncanny tale set in the moors set in the late 19th century.
     Anna Clarke, a talented weaver, loves her home in the moors and so endures her father’s brutality. But when she falls in love with Nicholas Durand, a stranger to the area, she crosses her father -- with tragic consequences.
     Nicholas stays in the moors only because he will not leave Anna. But her father plans to marry Anna off for a land deal and is not about to let a stranger disrupt those plans.
     Anna and Nicholas are determined to stay together always. No one and nothing on Earth or in the heavens will part them. . .
                                         Read an excerpt of Possession        Reviews

cover Anniversary Waltz - a novella from New Concepts Publishing - menage (M/F/M/F) graphic sex, contemporary romance.

Their destiny was to die in the avalanche, waiting for help that came too late. But, when what began as an attempt to stay warm turns into heated passion, the two couples trapped in a frozen cave by the snow discover that their love and desire for one another can keep them far warmer than their little fire. Their erotic intimacy and an angel with an attitude challenge fate.
                                         Read an excerpt of Anniversary Waltz         Reviews

Petits S'Mores cover Petits S’Mores - a novella from Changeling Press - graphic sex, vampire, romance.

The grotesque video shows it all: Vampires use Clothilde DuBerry’s chocolate aphrodisiac gel and die. Shocked and distraught, Clothilde turns to the Rookery Cove community for help.
     It doesn’t seem possible, but her nightmare gets worse when security chief Manx summons off-island support -- her ex-lover, Dominic Ford.
     Now successful and wealthy, Dominic wants to reconcile with Clothilde, and doesn’t hesitate to try to mix business and pleasure. The chemistry is still there, but so is the baggage, and with a killer on the loose, will they find a way to work out their differences before it’s too late?
                                         Read an excerpt of Petits S’Mores       Reviews

The Heliotropic Series: From the Light, In the Dark, & To the Light -all three novellas from Changeling Press in one volume - male/male multiple partners graphic sex, futuristic, vampire, romance.

To The Light cover Heliotropic 3: To the Light - a novella from Changeling Press - male/male multiple partners graphic sex, futuristic, vampire, romance.

Val, Paul, Trey and Soleil -- newly sun tolerant after exposure to Ideg Retkove’s serum -- voyage to Paul and Trey’s home world of Apoll’ex, where no vampires have ever been before. Val fears that, once on home ground, Paul will reject him. Paul wonders if he’ll ever be able to go home again.
     When they land, they quickly learn another vampire has preceded them and sown a path of destruction -- Retkove. The Apollans unite with the Earthlings to defeat Retkove. But Retkove is not about to give up his foothold in paradise. Desperate to stay together on Apoll’ex, Paul and Val face Retkove in a final confrontation.
                                         Read an excerpt of To the Light         Reviews

In The Dark cover Heliotropic 2: In the Dark - a novella from Changeling Press - male/male menage graphic sex, futuristic, vampire, romance.

Life on the run from their arch-enemy Retkove is getting to Earthling Val and former Apollan Paul. To clear his name so he and his lover can finally get a life, Val summons help -- his ex, Trey. Though they need his help, Paul isn’t crazy about the idea, getting his first taste of Earth-style jealousy.
     Then Retkove kidnaps another Apollan, subjecting him to the same torturous experiments Paul suffered. Vowing to rescue Soleil from Retkove’s lab, they discover Retkove has developed a serum that makes vampires sunlight tolerant. Given a chance to procure the serum, Paul must make the choice of a lifetime: Val or the chance to return to his home planet?
                                         Read an excerpt of In the Dark       Reviews

From The Light cover Heliotropic 1: From the Light - a novella from Changeling Press - male/male graphic sex, futuristic, vampire, romance.

Serving an unjust sentence, vampire Val Cutter spots a gorgeous stranger. Contrary to his usual caution, he quickly falls for Paul de l’Astre.
     Paul, a prisoner subjected to cruel experiments, wants only to return to his planet -- until he meets Val. But Val could never survive on sun-worshipping Apoll’ex, and Paul will die if his sunlight deprivation continues.
     Forced to hide from the villain persecuting them, the men face the ultimate test of their love. With Paul dying, Val must choose for his lover: transformation and permanent exile -- or death?

                                         Read an excerpt of From The Light       Review

Third Time cover Third Time’s the Charm - a novella from Changeling Press - graphic sex, time travel, romance.

Looking for a diversion from her dull job, Brianna does not expect that going to a movie will change her life. But the moment her eyes lock with those of on-screen hero Mikhail Ivanov, a handsome military officer attending a ball, Brianna’s off on an adventure that will transform her.
      Before she knows it, she crosses into Mikhail Ivanov’s world and begins to fall in love. But sanity must prevail. She tries to stay away from her soldier and his world of illusion, only to find herself ever more deeply drawn.

                                         Read excerpts of Third Time’s the Charm       Reviews

Love For Hire cover DownAndDirty cover Love For Hire - a novella from Ellora’s Cave -- Also available in print in the anthology Down and Dirty - graphic sex, contemporary romance.

Stephanie has had it with loser men. She lost her home, business and reputation because of her boyfriend’s scam. Nick’s got the FBI on his tail and has to go undercover at a bogus online dating service to bust them and clear his name. Stephanie and Nick meet on an arranged date neither wants. Despite their intentions, sparks fly the moment their eyes meet.
   Nick has to convince Stephanie to open up to him. Though she’s scared and scarred, she starts to let down her guard. Soon they’re falling in love -- but to play his role right, Nick will have to hurt her. When he tries to back away and protect her, the case explodes around him. Convinced that Nick’s even worse than her last boyfriend, Stephanie wants only to forget him and move on with her life. Knowing he’s got a lot to answer for, Nick sets out to win his lady’s heart.
                                                  Read an excerpt of Love for Hire      Reviews

cover Fangs ’n’ Foxes - a short novel from Ellora’s Cave  - graphic sex, vampire, romantic comedy.

Leader of the Black Guards, Trenton, NJ’s elite vampires, Darnell faces his biggest challenge ever. In three days, he and the head of the Cosa Nostra vampires will duke it out for control of Trenton. But the granddaddy of all cavities hits Darnell in the right fang. If that doesn’t get fixed, he and the Black Guards better start packing.
    Vampire LaLilia plans to use her dental skills to convince Darnell not to fight anymore. It seems simple enough ’til she meets Darnell—and falls for him.
    Can the peaceful dentist and the warrior leader really get together?
                   Read excerpts of Fangs ’n’ Foxes      Reviews

YoungVampiresInFrance cover Young Vampires in France - the sequel novel to Young Vampires in Love, from Ellora’s Cave  -- Also available in print - graphic sex, vampire, romance.

After a century of plotting revenge for her sister’s death, Monique de la Chauve-Souris has nearly achieved her goal -- the destruction of her sworn enemy, the Comte du Montnoir. But in all her careful plans, she hadn’t factored in the possibility of falling in love with him.
     Blindsided by Monique’s sudden betrayal, the Comte must act quickly and ruthlessly. He enlists the help of Jon, Darlene and the other Young Vampires to put a stop to her rampage. But a startling truth complicates this battle with Monique. On top of stealing his business empire, she has also captured his heart.

                                         Read an excerpt of Young Vampires in France       Reviews

Young Vampires in Love cover PRISM award Young Vampires in Love - from Ellora’s Cave -- Also available in print - graphic sex, light bondage, vampire, romance.
                    Finalist in RWA’s 2005 PRISM contest!

When their mentor, the Comte, delivers their nomination for Most Dull and Boring Vampires, Lynette Loring and Darlene DeMars realize they’re in trouble. The Comte challenges Lynette and Darlene to “get a life” -- the only way to avoid the prize.
    At San Francisco’s Happy Humping, a full-range sex boutique, Lynette checks out the toys and meets Nick LaStrada. Elsewhere, sparks fly when Darlene and Jon Torrance both reach for the same whip.
    Each couple is on the fast track to love. But cross-cultural differences between vampires and humans threaten to derail the new romances... These young vampires must avert the award from hell and get the guys before they succumb to the Comte’s predictions of disaster all around.
                     Read an excerpt of Young Vampires in Love       Reviews

ForeverIsle cover Forever on the Isle of Never CAPA nomination  - Pantasia book 3 from Ellora’s Cave  -- Also available in print - graphic sex, contemporary romance.
               Nominated for 2005 CAPA award!

Nan Sullivan is in a rut. Two boring day jobs leave little time for her passion, pottery. Social life: zero -- but what can a middle-aged, Rubenesque divorcee expect? When she gets an offer to be a full-time potter at a new tropical island resort, she holds her breath and goes for the gusto.
    Mike Darlin, construction chief at the resort, dislikes artists and, despite horniness, wants to remain woman-free -- until he meets Nan. Sparks fly and tempers flare. Can Nan and Mike get it together, or will the old baggage  weigh them down?
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For Pete's Sake cover For Pete’s Sake
- Pantasia series sequel to Hook, Wine & Tinker from Ellora’s Cave  -- Also available in print - graphic sex, contemporary romantic comedy.

At the end of Hook, Wine & Tinker, Gwyn Verde dumped her boyfriend Pete Payne to run off with his boss, Dominic Laredo. Now Pete wants revenge, and he gets his shot when Gwyn and Dominic announce their upcoming wedding. With one brilliant keystroke on his computer, Pete manages to screw up Dominic’s impeccable plans. Soon, Pete’s sure, Gwyn will beg to return to him. Wanting to see the wedding fiasco in person, Pete heads to the tropical island where Gwyn and Dominic will exchange vows. Along the way, he spends a night with a special lady and starts to rethink his relationships with women. Then he meets Lily Tiger, the real woman of his dreams, and he finally “gets it.” Just his dumb luck, wrecking the wedding will destroy Lily’s career. Can the lost boy grow up in time to save the wedding and win Lily’s love? Or does he change his path too little, too late?
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Hook, Wine & Tinker cover Hook, Wine & Tinker - Mardi’s first Pantasia-series novel, from Ellora’s Cave -- Also available in print - graphic sex, light bondage, contemporary romantic comedy.

Gwyn thinks she’s landed in a once in a lifetime fantasy. Donning the costumes of Peter Pan characters, Gwyn/Tinkerbell goes to a Halloween party with boyfriend Peter -- and meets up with a very seductive Captain Hook. Gwyn gets up close and personal with A-list bachelor billionaire Dominic/Hook and his cabinet full of toys Tinkerbell never dreamed of, but that Gwyn can’t wait to try for just one night of exotic pleasure. Then she’ll go back to her “real life.” But Dominic wants more -- and doesn’t hesitate to compete with Gwyn’s boyfriend Pete. In the end, Gwyn must choose -- the pirate or the lost boy.
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